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As followers of Christ, we have to live in this healthy tension: full confidence in Christ, and complete mistrust in ourselves. We need to persistently focus on Jesus John ; Phil.

What is assurance of salvation?

They will be fruit-bearing trees. Unfortunately, many are not sure if they are saved in Christ. Thus we experience the true joy of salvation. We need to wait for the second coming of Christ, when we will see Him face to face. Then our present hope of redemption will become tangible reality. Brickhouse and Nicholas D. White, Selected Messages Washington, D. But some treat grace cheaply. White, Daughters of God Hagerstown, Md.

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To bind together the Adventist people as we wait for Jesus to come back, by sharing news and information about the church plus articles on doctrine, spiritual growth and mission. Published on: Share this Story. Landless and Zeno L.

Assurance of Salvation

Do Walnuts Cause Weight Gain? He said, "I doubt you're saved. But while we may all be bothered by an occasional doubt, it is a problem that must and can be overcome. John said he wrote chapter five to us as God's children so that we may know that we have been saved.

The words know, knoweth, or known appear 38 times in this epistle on assurance. The next logical question, then, is "How can I know? What is it we believe? Are Christians just gullible? Do we believe in fairy tales, or is there a basis for our belief? Why do we believe what we believe? Faith is the root of our belief. But faith is not walking on eggshells and Jello.

It is evidence and substance Hebrews It has some spiritual steel and concrete in it. It is real, and God has given us some authentic, bona fide witnesses, a testimony that we might know we are saved and going to heaven. John says these witnesses are the eternal work of the Savior, the internal witness of the Spirit, and the external Word of Scripture. This is the eternal work of the Savior, that we are saved by blood and sanctified by water. The tabernacle is an Old Testament picture of Christ.

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  • When you entered, you came first to the brazen altar upon which the bloody sacrifice was made. Next was a laver, or great basin, in which the priests would wash. First the blood, then the water. The blood of Jesus Christ pays the price for our sins, and the sanctifying water keeps us clean. Sound familiar?

    That is a historical fact. That is the saving work of Christ. How do I know there was a man named Jesus Christ? How do I know He was the sinless Son of God? How do I know that God sent Him? How do I know that He actually died on that cross and took my sin? Thank God I don't have to depend on somebody's argument. The Holy Spirit of God is here to make that real in my heart. You see, God gave us the work of Christ.

    But to make the work of Christ—the water and the blood—real to us, He gave us the Spirit. Since we believe the witness of men. All of us believe the witness of men. One night I was in Augusta, Georgia, preaching at a missions conference. The next morning I went to the airport and flew back to Memphis. In order to do this, I had to exercise faith in an airplane pilot I didn't know. I never saw his credentials. I never saw him fly before. But Delta Airlines put its stamp of approval on this man, so I just got on the plane and never thought too much about it.

    We accept the witness of men. Before I went to the airport, I had breakfast in a restaurant. How did I know the food was not poisoned? I had faith in that lady who served it. We receive the witness of men.

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    When your doctor writes you a prescription, you look at it, and although you can't read it, pronounce it, or understand it, you give it to a pharmacist who puts pills in a bottle. Then, without a second thought, you take them home and swallow them. In the same way, through faith we receive the witness of God through the Spirit that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead for our sanctification. There is, therefore, no excuse for not believing.

    The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will help anyone to believe who wants to believe. First the Spirit witnesses to us; then He witnesses in us. Before I got saved, He witnessed to me.

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    He told me what Christ did is true. Now He witnesses in me. I have the witness in myself. Suppose I am enjoying myself by eating a piece of apple pie, and you come to me and say, "There is no such thing as apple pie. I don't believe in apple pie. And if there is apple pie, it is no good.

    Despite your arguments, I have the witness within me. I have the witness on the inside. A Christian with a testimony is never at the mercy of an unbeliever with an argument, because he has the witness in himself. Here is the basis of our belief. Here is the reason for our certainty.