A Few Impertinent Questions: About Autism, Freudianism and Materialism

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Get print book. Shop for Books on Google Play Browse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Berthajane Vandegrift. AuthorHouse , 30 Mar - Philosophy - pages. The Freudian view seemed to be that people consist of Ids, ego's and superego's. People are supposedly also inhabited by something called a subconscious, a mysterious entity with a tendency to think naughty thoughts and keep them a secret from one's conscious self.

When this naughty subconscious takes over and controls one's actions - without permission - people become neurotic. If the patient lies on a couch and talks, and a psychiatrist listens, the subconscious might be tricked into revealing itself. Once enticed out into the open by a therapist, the subconscious supposedly looses its power to cause neurosis. Selected pages Title Page.

Table of Contents. Contents Question 1. Question 7. We girls like to think we're just stronger from birth Do we really want to give psychologists and psychiatrists the authority to declare which behaviours are normal and which are abnormal? Homosexuals rebelled and the psychiatric professions no longer declare homosexuality to be an abnormality. A few centuries a husband could have his wife incarcerated if she declared herself intellectually equal to a man. Those of us who manage to function in society are normal. One correlation is due to Aspergers genes being passed down.

The genes are actually Neanderthal from interbreeding. They save time by letting the doctor give a full battery of adult strength vaccinations to an infant. The doctor tells them to ignore the coincidence between the vaccines and the infant regression. So "science" has determined that our Asperger's genes are Neanderthal? I can only hope that anti-Neanderthalism has gone the way of anti-Semitism and other such isms, because I, personally, am quite content with my Neanderthal genes. Personality varies. Some individuals are intuitive and have great social skills.

Others are non-conformists and are sometimes more socially more awkward. We all strive, and succeed to some degree, in overcoming our deficiencies.

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Retarded children experience the same personality variations. However for defective children, their personalities are more conspicuous. They have a diminished ability to innovate and compensate. The same is probably true of all forms retardation. For the past few generations, society has subjected children to years of intensive education, one of the most drastic environmental changes ever.

Learning is replacing intuitive skills for many people.

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For a few generations only boys were subjected to extensive learning, and presently boys are statistically more non conforming, and girls are generally more social and intuitive. The biggest cause of the increased prevalence is increased awareness and increased testing. Now that I know I've got some Neanderthal genes, I'm aware of their expression all around me. Everyone in our society has some genes; sometimes they help and sometimes they are counterproductive. They are differences in our DNA nature that no amount of nurture is ever going to erase. There's a lot of people who are still in denial, still trying to get up to the neurotypical standard in our society.

It took me four months after testing to accept the fact that I had Asperger's syndrome and to give up my dream of being accepted as normal.

New sibling study shows autism runs in families

For fifty years I had kept the self-help book industry going, trying to figure out what I missed. The Humanist world view that everyone is the same except for defectives puts a cruel burden on us. I have found the Christian world view is much more accepting of our actual differences. Berthajane brought up "fragile X. Being lonely a lot of my life, I was always attracting gays trying to convert me to their homosex addiction regardless of my preference. They obviously didn't believe the "fragile X" theory. Which is right for you? Identity or medical diagnosis, and why? We don't know, because most autistic adults are unrecognized and unsupported.

Neurodivergent people are finding their way, but more progress is needed. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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Connect with me on LinkedIn. We all knew already there is a genetic component to ASD, why is everyone so surprised. It is not a matter of not Submitted by concerned parent on February 4, - pm. Girls and disabilities Submitted by Sandy on August 15, - pm. Aspies rebel!

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Submitted by Bertvan on August 20, - pm. Two causes for family correlation to "autism" Submitted by Timuchin on November 26, - am. Two causes for family correlation to "autism" Submitted by Bertvan on November 26, - pm. The increasing prevalence of autism Submitted by Berthajane Vandegrift on December 30, - pm. The increasing prevalence of autism Submitted by Timuchin on December 31, - am. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted.

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Linking Genes Brain and Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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