A Killer Cake (The Classic Diner Mystery Series Book 3)

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You see it too, right?! She enacts all sorts of elaborate schemes to get rid of babysitter Sonia Solinsky, but Ms. Solinsky has a secret that may just make Lulu see the error in her ways. The Boxcar Children books were first published back in and are pretty much considered classic mystery books for kids. The series follows the four orphaned Aiden children who decide to live in an abandoned boxcar in the forest. In the first book, The Boxcar Children , the kids learn that they have a grandfather but initially run from him, believing him to be a cruel and scary old man.

This turns out happily not to be the case, and the books that follow in the series each revolve around a mystery that the children solve together. A mystery bookstore. There are at least eight books in the series, my favorite of which is Meg Mackintosh and the Mystery in the Locked Library. Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery is a middle grade mystery-comedy about a fanged rabbit who might be a vampire.

Sign me up! When the Monroe family finds a peculiar little bunny at a screening of Dracula , they decide to bring him home with them. They call him Bunnicula and introduce him to pets Harold the dog and Chester the cat. Strange things start to happen around Bunnicula, convincing Chester that this fluffy bunny guy is a vampire. He sets out to prove his theory—is Bunnicula really a bloodsucking bunny, or is it all a big misunderstanding?

They soon make a startling discovery: someone has buried a box of bones behind their clubhouse! The boys set off to solve this strange and scary mystery and find themselves on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. Why is he known as Encyclopedia Brown? Because of all the random facts, figures and trivia stored in his pretty remarkable memory. Each book in the series is interactive and contains ten stories for readers to follow along and solve.

Jessica Beck

As such he has observed the genius of the crime-solving mad man upstairs and has picked up a thing or two in the art of sleuthing. In Basil of Baker Street , Basil must try and solve his toughest case yet: a mousenapping hehe with seemingly zero clues to go on! Nate the Great is enjoying his morning pancakes when he gets a call from his friend Annie.

Nate throws on a very Sam Spade—ish trench coat and gets right on it.

Jessica Beck | Cozy Mystery List

He follows clues, asks questions, makes a list of suspects—you know, all the stuff great detectives do. Start with The Sly Spy and go from there. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are three friends who solve mysteries in this much loved collection. Well there is! Still, Nancy remains ever the resourceful little sleuth and always cracks the case.

The concept of this series is just so, so brilliant. This series is funny, action-packed, and dripping with brainy girl power. Harriet is an astute and spunky little girl who goes around scribbling thoughts and observations in a notebook. When she misplaces that notebook, it ends up in the wrong hands.

Soon the contents some hurtful, though true make their way to her friends…awkward! She just really, really loves the truth. The Name of this Book is Secret is the first of five books in The Secret Series and is most certainly not about a couple of eleven-year-olds chasing a missing magician. Nope, no adventurous pursuit of villains here, folks. Nothing to see at all. Beatrix Lee is going through some stuff. Her best friend has ghosted her right at the start of seventh grade and a new baby is about to end her reign as an only child.

Feeling isolated, Bea finds comfort in the haiku she crafts in invisible ink, poems she hides in a secret hiding spot.

Paperback Editions

She sets out to try and figure out who her secret pen pal might be and finds her way back to herself in the process. The secret poem pen pal and a mysterious labyrinth give it a mystery vibe though. The Explorer series is comprised of three volumes to date, all edited by Kazu Kibuishi. Each volume is a collection of seven graphic stories from seven different comics creators around a central theme. Explorer: The Mystery Boxes is a creative, clever collection of stories about boxes of mysterious origin, but the stories could not be more different both in written content and artistic style.

In one story, a young girl hears a tapping noise under her bed and discovers a box with a cryptic note; inside she finds a wax doll who seems sweet at first but…Another story follows a Japanese girl whose grandmother is convinced that spirits are stealing butter from the kitchen. Thing is, Obaasan miiiight not be wrong. Lawrence Jackman. She attends a game and encounters a killer.

Only this murder is by the book. Amidst the tumult of the wedding between Agatha and Lawrence, Chloe must outsmart a serial killer and stop him before he strikes again. Fortunately Chloe is working on constructing the sets so she is available to apprehend the villian. Through three encounters, past, present, and future, he learns the meaning of Christmas and changes his life forever. Mountie Chuck Goodhead is off on some mysteries mission leaving Butterscotch to cope on her own which she was doing quite happiliy when Agent DeSoto of the FBI arrived claiming he was there on a fishing trip.

Put in charge of a work crew, her job is soon a cause for frustration which gets worse when rumors spread that the mansion is haunted. Kindle Amazon. Part cozy mystery, part international thriller; call it a cozy international thriller. Every chapter concludes with a cliff hanger with one surprise leading to another until the dramatic conclusion. It turns out that plenty can go wrong when you run across a murdered camp counselor and uncover a plot to kidnap the children. This installment provides a fun and funny excursion into the woods around Hope Falls where Chloe must not only solve a murder but also brush up on her camping skills.

It appears to be an open and shut case until Chloe begins nosing around. Along the way Chloe succeeds in stirring up some ghosts from her past. The Davenport Caper is a classic whodunit with lots of laughs and love to spare. The festival will bring in funds, tourists and a pair of feuding kite makers, one of whom ends up dead. A little investigation proves that the late Gerhardt Brandt was not a good man and had an impressive list of enemies.

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