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Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?

Tell us… Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral? Resistance is futile, and all that. In terms of the Star Trek: Picard plot, the most important clue appears to be the existence of a young woman played by newcomer Isa Briones who comes to Jean-Luc for help. We mentioned three trailers, didn't we?

At New York Comic-Con, the third was revealed, showcasing yet a few more familiar faces. But first, back to that vineyard, where Picard is seen walking around with his dog. But who's this? Data is painting a picture. However, that was all a dream, as Picard soon awakes, and a young woman, Isa Briones' Dahj, in need of help comes knocking. Cut to Picard returning to Federation Starfleet headquarters and then rallying the troops, including Commander William T.

Joining Riker and Picard are a mix of new and familiar faces, with another appearance from Seven of Nine, plus Raffi Musker played by Michelle Hurd , a figure from Picard's past that we've never met. Thanks to the trailer we now know that the Star Trek: Picard plot kicks off some 15 years after the destruction of Romulus in Star Trek This is its whole own thing — more lyrical, more grounded. We do not. And despite the family connection, the vineyard is not necessarily a place filled with fond memories. For many years it was run by his late brother, Robert, a man with whom he never got on.

It looks like the arrival of Dahj, the mysterious young woman introduced in the Star Trek: Picard trailer, is going to drag Jean-Luc back into the space-faring fray. The question is, why is Dahj so important? It looks like Romulans are experimenting on former Borg, whose cybernetic implants have been removed. But perhaps the most intriguing introduction for fans is the return of Brent Spiner as fan-fave android Data. Think of him like a back-up hard drive for your computer. Picard is very delighted to see his old friend.

La Forge is unsure of how to refer to the ambassador. Picard suggests Jean-Luc, but La Forge doesn't feel sure about calling him that, and settles on captain, like he had done twenty-five years prior, on the Enterprise.

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La Forge offers to help, and tells Picard how to help his plants grow better, saying he picked up some tips from his wife Leah. Picard asks how she is, and how the kids Alandra , Bret , and Sidney are. La Forge responds that they are just fine, his wife had just recently been named Director of the Daystrom Institute , but their son Bret is applying to Starfleet Academy in the next year.

It is at this moment La Forge confesses that he stopped by to see Picard and how he was holding up to his newly contracted Irumodic Syndrome. As they go back to Picard's house, Picard tells La Forge what he thought of his latest novel, but in the middle of a comment, he suddenly sees a strange group of people, dressed in shabby clothes, and supposedly mocking the captain.

La Forge apparently does not see the people, but before Picard can say anything, the scene shifts again, to another time period. On board a shuttlecraft , Natasha Yar , an old member of the crew, is talking with the captain about any previous experiences he has had with Galaxy -class starships.

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He states that he has never been aboard one, but is familiar with the blueprints and schematics. Yar comments that the Enterprise is quite a ship, and the shuttle is cleared for arrival.

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The time shifts back to the "present," in Troi's quarters, and he tells her that he was just with Yar in the shuttle. Picard sits down, seemingly troubled by this. In sickbay, Dr.

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  • Crusher reports that she found nothing to indicate hallucinations. There are also no indications of temporal displacement , and Crusher believes that Picard is enjoying waking people up in the middle of the night, to which he responds that he really just likes running around the ship in his bare feet. Nurse Ogawa gives Crusher bio-spectral results, but these also show no signs of temporal displacement. After asking Troi to excuse them for a moment, she tells Picard about results of a scan for Irumodic Syndrome.

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    • There were no signs of the disorder itself, but there is a defect that could lead to the syndrome. Although she says that it is possible to live a whole life without developing problems, she is not confident about it. Riker enters to report that Worf has found nothing on his security scans. Worf comes on the comm to report that there is a transmission from Admiral Nakamura.

      Picard answers it in Dr. Crusher's office, to hear that there is now a fleet-wide yellow alert. Nearly thirty Romulan warbirds have been diverted to the Neutral Zone from Romulus , and there is also some sort of spatial anomaly in the Devron system. The orders are to go to their side of the Neutral Zone, and to find out what the situation is, and what the anomaly is. They cannot, however, enter the Neutral Zone until the Romulans do.

      Suddenly, the time shifts to the future, but this time, Picard notices the difference. He says that he was somewhere else a few minutes ago, a long time ago, talking to Beverly Crusher. He notices that he was on the Enterprise , in sickbay, but conjectures that it may have been a hospital. La Forge wants to call Picard's doctor, thinking that it is the Irumodic Syndrome, but Picard says that it is not. La Forge then asks what he wants to do about it, and Picard responds that he wants to see Data , to which La Forge agrees.

      Then, Picard sees the strange, barbaric people again, but doesn't understand yet. Again, La Forge sees nothing, and then takes the captain to go see Data. They go to Cambridge , and Picard explains how real the experience was. Data's housekeeper Jessel offers them tea , and Picard accepts. As Picard and La Forge attempt to exchange seats with Data's cats who seem to be sitting on every available chair, shelf, or other horizontal surface , Picard starts to compliment Data's home.

      Data explains that it is one of the perks of holding the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge, the home itself once belonging to Sir Isaac Newton , one of the early Lucasian professors. Data then goes on to explain the change in his hair color, and then Picard remarks that the tea is not Earl Grey , but Darjeeling tea.

      Data asks Picard about how long it has been since he has seen a doctor about his Irumodic Syndrome.

      “All Good Things… ” / “All Good Things… ”

      Picard responds a week, and starts to explain that Data, too, thinks that his time shifting is all a delusion, an idea which Data says had indeed crossed his mind. Yet, Data says that because there is no evidence to disprove the captain, they can run some neurographic scans with the equipment on campus. He tells the captain that they will get to the bottom of this.

      As Picard says that this is the Data he remembers and could count on, another time shift occurs. Picard then commences to read the orders which placed him in command given by Admiral Norah Satie , but is interrupted several times by the strange people he saw in the future.

      The assembled crew look around and see no one present. As he finishes reading the orders, he goes to shake hands with Counselor Troi, but is again distracted by the shouting people he sees. Deeply disturbed, Picard calls for red alert and orders all crew to battle stations. The crew look puzzled at each other, hardly the reaction they were expecting from their new captain, but Lieutenant Yar barks at them to follow the captain's orders and everyone quickly exits the shuttlebay to comply.

      Picard, alone, takes hold of himself and with concern, exits as well. In the observation lounge , Picard, noting the golden models of the previous Enterprises adorning the wall which had long since been removed from the lounge in his original time frame, makes a notation in his personal log, recorded under security lockout omega , stating that he will not tell his crew about his time shifting, afraid of altering the timeline. Other members of the senior staff enter. Yar reports that scans showed no unusual anomalies, and Worf asks if they could know exactly what they are looking for.

      Picard does not answer, but asks the counselor if she senses a foreign alien presence, one with great intelligence, but the counselor states that she only senses the ship's crew and families. Picard then asks Worf to issue a level-two security alert , which surprises Yar, as she is the security chief.

      Realizing his mistake, Picard promptly corrects himself, and asks Yar to issue the alert. Chief Miles O'Brien then calls the captain to the bridge.

      Starfleet has issued an alert, stating that a number of vessels, mainly freighters , are moving to the Neutral Zone between Romulan and Federation space. A large spatial anomaly has appeared in the Devron system, the same place an anomaly was detected in the present. Worf remarks that it could be a Romulan trick to lure their ships, and O'Brien states that Starfleet has canceled the mission to Farpoint , ordering the Enterprise to the Neutral Zone.

      Picard however, states that they will continue the mission to Farpoint, despite orders. Yar is surprised at this, but Picard stands firm.