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With Guest Mixes by artists from all corners of the genre, providing mixes from t. Scribbler Sounds of Scribbler I. A]Marka feat. Y remix - BCee [Spearhead]Hope feat. Scribbler Deep Part2of3.

Scribbler Deep Part1of3. For those not familiar with the high energy sounds of this talented producer from Poland, be prepared to be impressed by his impeccably smooth dance floor mix styles. Be sure to check out their recent album released on Proximity. With her unique blend of melodic soulful sounds, coupled with a love for a dirty bassline, Dushi's mix shows us she means business, and is ready to make her mark on the bass music scene. An artist that has established himself with great musical credibility and is without doubt in every serious DJs collection after having countless releases under his belt on far too many labels to mention.

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Protocol's skills for creating deep dark rollers are sure to path the way for a promising future. Take note, you heard it here first. Originally from England, but based in Perth, he has become the most significant contributor to drum'n'bass in all of Australia, which has ultimately led to the creation of his hugely successful label, Interphase.

Greg Packer treats us to a mix that's rammed full of classics both new and old that hits the spot perfectly. And soon afterwards emigrated to Australia where he immediately held the west-australian dmc title for 2 consecutive years. In Greg decided to take things to the next level and invest in a studio and start to make his own music.

Having only begun producing recently, he has already managed to rack up a large and impressive discography that has been heard on dance floors the world over. Get ready for some serious baselines. He was twelve when he first meet with electronic music; at this time he especially likes house and techno music.

As a producer his first little success was in when his first tunes were released.

In may he was signed by Typecell's Protogen Records, where he made 3 singles and a remix release with Typecell. Skyeyes [Fokuz] soundcloud. Today, with numerous EPs released by major labels.. Duoscience has stood out for his musical versatility around the world. An artist that has been creating tracks of the highest quality on the top tier labels.

As well as the smoother sounds, Komatic has also unleashed some huge energetic dancefloor tracks, especially with his in collaborations with Technicolour. Great music from a great producer. It was from these packs that Komatic desperately wanted to DJ and be involved. Over the last few years, things have started to progress. This exposure also landed him a weekly radio show on Bassdrive. The collaborations are going from strength to strength, and definitely tunes to look out for in the future.

Ravager is stamping his mark firmly onto the dancefloor with his mighty synth and high-energy rich melodies. His tracks are rapidly finding their way into the collections of the worlds finest DJs for good reason. This is an outstanding mix full of energy and variety that'll keep you dancing. L - Danny Byrd feat. His tunes were appreciated not only by wide audience from his home country, but also received lots of support from the major drum'n'bass DJs from all over the world.

Also received good marks from the major scene stars like f. Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket or Crystal Clear. Ravager tracks are were aired on the most respectable radio stations, incl. Keep an ear our for tracks such as Eclipse, Pulsar and Habitat, all being released very shortly, with Pulsar out Nov 7th on Proximity. For those not in the know, Smooth is a highly talented emerging artist, who's high energy synth tracks are tearing up dancefloors.

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Watch out for his new EP landing on Viper very soon! He practiced it for about 3 years and later on he became more interested in guitar, also in such genres as metal, hardcore etc. When a couple of years passed by he attended his first drum n bass party and he was stoaked!

It was very soon after that he decided not just to love this music but also to make his own tunes. Now he has been making beats for about 6 years. As he researched sound more and more, he decided that his sound just wasn't good enough, so he shut him self in the studio and waited till when his improving sound was noticed by Dementia and together with Rregula they released Obfuscate on Trust in music 12?.

Between there and now he released Space attack on Recon and massive Out of time on Ruse records. Then he was picked up by the massive Viper collective.

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Now he has prepared an EP witch is coming out soon on Viper rec. Michael Bowles has worked on Drunken Masters "Dope Ammo" label tuning his craft, with collaborations which have received acclaim amongst the Drum and Bass community. His 1st release was "Mortal Kombat" MA, this tune showed everyone what he was all about. By now he had started getting a name for himself, and in Sept 07' he got a track signed by Mickey Finns new imprint label Finn People Productions, which has already seen the likes of Modified Motion, Ego Trippin and Urb n Dub.

Now in he is also working for many labels includin:.

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Mutated Forms continue to be amongst the very best for pushing drum'n'bass into new directions. Original members Alexander Zub and Artiom G-ruff started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. They were then later joined by a third member Alex H, an experienced DJ who joined the crew in Since then there has been one big change within the group, with one third of the outfit, G-Ruff, relocating to Birmingham, UK.

The quality and diversity of music emerging from Mutated Forms studios in the UK and Estonia have made them one of the hottest talents in the Drum and Bass world. Receiving regular support from a wide cross section of tastemakers from Metalheadz Goldie to BBC legend Fabio, this trio is becoming renound for producing some of the freshest and most innovative music around.

Never restricted or pigeon holed to a particular sub-genre, their sound has constantly mutated and evolved. It should come as no surprise then that the likes heavyweight DJ's such as, Marky, Goldie, Grooverider, Bailey, London Elektricity, Hype and SS, are currently supporting their tracks on the circuit, alongside spins from many of the most forward thinking producers in the game. His productions get better and better, so be sure to check out his backcatalogue, tounderstand why his tunes have been in the record bags of the worlds top DJs since his very first single.

He got his first PC at the age of 11 and it wasn't long before he was experimenting with tracker software and samples to create all kinds of different styles of music. A talent that had been waiting in the wings, that has since burst onto the scene in a massive way with his debut album "Innuendo", be sure to check it out and his forthcoming releases. We know he's an incredible producer, but this mix has affirmed his capabilities of also being able to smash it up on the decks, big set!

In the space of what counts as four short years behind the consoles as a DJ and a producer, TREi has risen to the upper echelon of drum and bass in New Zealand. Resultantly, his music production and DJ skills are now raising eyebrows in all the right places across the globe. The first few releases on Nu Directions continued on an atmospheric theme. A producer who debuted through Nu Directions back in finally delivered a groundbreaking LP for the concerning junglist and home listener alike.

Today Nu Directions has just entered its 11th year. Nu Directions also boasts a successful monthly club sessions Nu:Motion.

Scribbler Drum n Bass Mixes

Be sure to check our A. I drove for hours through rain and fog, a mysterious landscape that made it feel like I could be anywhere on earth and possibly on another planet altogether. But then at last, just as the rain was letting up, I arrived at my destination: the home of Phantom Scribbler. Her kids greeted me at the door with shy smiles and big eyes.

They pulled me into a house overflowing with books, toys, and the warm smell of chocolate cupcakes. I felt at home immediately. For four years, Phantom and I have been talking about me coming to visit her, and this week we did all the things we always said we would. She fed me vegan chocolate cupcakes — they were still warm when I arrived — with a delicious chocolate glaze.

We watched the Muppet Show! Her kids were so much fun to play with. I started talking to High-Energy Little Boy about Ultimate Frisbee, and he took to the sport with the zeal of a convert, even setting up a field with Playmobil people so that we could discuss the finer points of the game and act out a whole tournament. We had a blogger meet-up within the blogger meet-up on Thursday when we spent the afternoon at the park with Tall Kate and her two kids.

Forsythia was blooming everywhere, bright yellow and cheerful. The kids ran around and played, while we women talked and High-Energy Boy set about Ultimate Frisbee proselytizing to some girls he knew from school. I'm happy to announce, that at least for the past week, I'm in! - the phantom

CG now says "I love my mommy, and I love my mama, and I love our family. Yea me. Sometimes patience pays off. And finally, on Lawrence Welk. Our PBS station was showing Lawrence Welk during a fundraiser, and I watched some with CG as a little reward for sitting still for eyedrops for pinkeye. I'd hoped for Olympic coverage, but it was too early for Olympics.

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But not too early for Lawrence Welk. I was appalled: he introduced an African-American tap dancer as "a credit to his race"! Talk about things I didn't notice when watching this every Sunday night with my grandma growing up. ANd the cheesy cultural appropriation, fake Italian accents.