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That, combined with the super cheap price they pay for the junk they ship, makes brushing a quick and cost effective way to move up the sales rankings -- which means everything for e-commerce merchants.

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On most major e-commerce platforms there are algorithms which rank and order sellers in relation to how many sales they make, how much positive feedback they receive, etc. There is a reason why some sellers appear on the first page of results while others are buried at the bottom where nobody is going to find them.

Woman picked random name off Facebook & sent parcel that helped single mom out

Buyers, too, want to purchase from companies with the best reputations and the most experience, so competition for the top listings for popular products is fierce, and brushing is a way that some sellers are gaming the system. The unordered items that Chinese brushers are sending to Americans. Brushing actually works. They also found that it was a relatively low risk tactic, as just 89 -- or 2. There are various forms of brushing in China. Some involve bots, some consist of hiring people to buy products and leave reviews, some derive from hacking otherwise legitimate accounts, while others are, apparently, built upon using the identities of real people located in foreign countries and shipping them piles of unwanted mail.

These are the unordered packages that Heaven McGeehan receives on an almost daily basis. In a world where goods can virtually be sent anywhere more or less freely, borders have become major loopholes for criminals to violate the laws of whatever country they are shipping goods to. Parcel Parcel is an app-based delivery service targeted at those living in high-rise buildings.

This service aims to help customers by installing parcel lockers at their buildings," said KC, an executive with the company. Customers first have to download the Parcel app. And you have to be near a locker to arrange for delivery, as the app connects to the locker via Bluetooth. You will then get a unique code to unlock a locker to retrieve the item when it arrives.

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  • Customers can also use this service to drop off a package for delivery. Currently, Parcel lockers are located in the Klang Valley, KC said, and the company hopes to set up more lockers nationwide next year.

    The rate starts from RM6. A Parcel locker in Mont Kiara. Customers can choose from over 1, locations nationwide and the price starts from RM2. You then have 14 days to pick up the item from your chosen place using the code. We will also never show your email.

    Dirt Parcel - Send Anonymous Parcel of Dirt To Anyone For Only $5

    If you want the person to know that it was from you, simply write your name in the message. For example "Love, Stacy. We also allow profanity. However, we do not allow hateful, harmful, or threatening messages and we will not process orders with messages that have wording like this.

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    • In this instance, we will either cancel your order or ask you to change your message. If such kind of image is uploaded, we will contact you to replace the image with one that abides by our policies.

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      If you have not received the "order shipped" email from us that means we have not shipped your order yet. If this is the case, please email us as soon as you can and let us know of the change in the message or picture and we will edit it for you. Can My Message Be Anonymous? If you would like the message to be anonymous, simply do not give any clues that the potato was from you.

      Meaning, do not write your name on the message! Please note that we do not send harassing, threatening, hateful messages. We read every message and will ask you to change it if we think it is not a friendly message.


      If someone emails us feeling harassed by a potato they received, we may reveal your identity to avoid conflict with ourselves and the receiver. We only show Potato Parcel's return address on the package and the actual shipping address of the package Not your address! Do You Do Drawings?

      Also, if you purchase a potato and a merch product in the same order, then they will arrive in 2 separate packages and you will receive 2 different tracking numbers.

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