Curse of the Sacred Wolf (The Assassination Race series Book 2)

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Have your students organize in groups to become newspaper and television reporters covering the gaddergnaw. Students can narrate parts of the challenge, interview competitors, report scores, and predict outcomes. Groups can create scripts and visual materials to help broadcast their coverage, or write their report as an article for a newspaper or sports magazine.

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What defines the place of a gnaw wolf in the MacDuncan clan? What is the job of the gnaw wolf? From what activities is Faolan excluded? How does this make him feel? While the wolf clans live by a specific code of ethics and laws meant to protect the sanctity of the packs, gnaw wolves are excluded from these regulations, constantly subjected to abuse from the others.

Even pups are permitted to publicly challenge a gnaw wolf.

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What is the justification for this mistreatment? Can your students think of parallel examples of this oppressive behavior in our own society? One of the most intriguing characters in Shadow Wolf is the gnaw wolf Heep. Why might Heep revel in his conduct as a gnaw wolf while others, especially Faolan, are repulsed by it?


Is this the only method Heep has of expressing himself? What has shaped his character? During a moose hunt, Faolan breaks one of the codes of the clan. Ebooks

What is his offense? What is the punishment imposed by the clan leader? Above are excerpts from two songs that Faolan howls when he is overwhelmed with emotions. What are the circumstances that cause these feelings? Take a close look at the language and images in each of the poems. How do they express feelings recognizable as human responses, while still remaining true to the life of a wolf? In Book 2, we get to know the Sark when the mother of a malcadh pup seeks her counsel after her pup has been taken away.

The Sark is an outsider: packless, friendless, shunned by the clans—yet wolves still come to her for help. Why does the Sark live outside the pack? What are her powers, and how does she use them to help the wolves? Do you trust her? The wolves of the Beyond consider themselves to be a civilized society. One of the most serious offenses a wolf can commit is to murder a malcadh pup. When Heep accuses Faolan of killing a malcadh pup, what is his motivation for the charge? What evidence does he bring to the clan? How does Faolan eventually prove his innocence? In the United States, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Which system do you think is a better form of justice? We might be able to solve this monstrous crime. We are more than the sum of our parts! When Gwynneth and the Sark decide to help Faolan prove his innocence, they must work together in search of evidence. What skills and knowledge does each of them bring to the task? How do they solve the mystery?

Could either of them have accomplished this alone? Have you ever needed a partner in order to accomplish a goal? How does Faolan distinguish himself at the gaddergnaw?

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What does he use for inspiration? At the close of Shadow Wolf , Faolan, the Sark, and the remaining members of the clan intercept Heep on his way to desecrate the drumlyn of Thunderheart. Do you think this is the last we will see of Heep in the series? After your students finish reading Watch Wolf , have them create story boards for the book that incorporate their favorite tableaus. Arrange your class in groups of two, and have each group select a scene from the book for which to create a four-panel storyboard.

Storyboards can include illustrations, dialogue, and description. Will my desolation dissolve? Will I truly find peace? Will I finally belong? Go forth, find your tummfraws , and know that you are cursed no more. Faolan and Edme each find different answers to these internal questions. Which one of them comes closer to finding peace? Why does the other find it impossible to leave the past behind?

What questions does this raise for Faolan? What issues does it open for Edme? Anger and revenge are popular themes throughout Watch Wolf. Have your class explore these themes in the following prompts:. Faolan reads in the bone of bones a relationship between the wolves and bears. Keep track of his evil schemes.

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What tactics does he use to achieve it? Are there characters from other books that remind you of this kind of villain? How did they all fare in the end? A thousand years before, Hordweard, a she-wolf from the MacHeath clan, formed her own clan, the MacNamaras, as a refuge for abused she-wolves. Talk about how the she-wolves escaped from the MacHeaths in Watch Wolf.

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How successful was their escape? What role do MacNamaras play in trying to prevent the war between the grizzlies and the wolves? Over the course of the novel, Faolan and Edme develop a firm friendship. What actions and events bring them together?

How does that friendship solidify? As you read Watch Wolf , you will learn the numerous responsibilities of the wolves of the Watch. With your classmates, create a list of their duties. Discuss what methods they use to accomplish each one. For example, what is the purpose of their leaps and twists? As part of their plan to instigate war between the bears and the wolves, the MacHeaths bring Toby to the Pit to be guarded by the rabid wolf, Old Cags.

What acts of bravery does Arthur perform? How does he summon the courage to spy for news of the impending war, and later, to save Edme?

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Were you surprised that this young owl would turn out to be a hero? What characteristics do heroes have and who from your own life can you cite as a hero?

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  5. Was it regret, remorse, or was there a glint of a challenge? Edme wondered. What is Edme thinking in this passage? Do you believe Malan and Fretta will return in a future episode of Wolves of the Beyond? Why or why not? Divide the class into four theater groups. Using dialogue from the text of the novel in addition to dialogue and narration that students write themselves, have groups create scripts for one-act plays based on specific scenes from Frost Wolf.

    The plays should be performed as staged readings. Scenes to consider dramatizing include:. The killing of another wolf is a very serious offense in the Beyond. Yet there are situations when even murder is permissible. Can you find evidence of similar acts in our own society? The Prophet in Frost Wolf promises things he can never deliver.

    How is he taking advantage of the wolves? What does he tell them and why are they so eager to believe him? Draw parallels between the Prophet and similar figures you have heard about in the news or in other books. In this passage, Kathryn Lasky was inspired by the Ghost Dances of the Plains Indians, who, having lost all hope after their final defeat by the U. Army, began to throw themselves into frantic dances. In monarchies like the MacDuncan clan, rule passes down from father to son, regardless of whether or not the successor is fit to rule.