Digger the Dinosaur and the Wrong Song (My First I Can Read)

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In particular, there are brown bears and black bears.

Digger the Dinosaur and the Play Day: My First I Can Read Audiobook Full 10

And both can be very, very dangerous. Each needs to be handled in a different way: with a black bear you must walk away backwards and very slowly; with a brown bear, you must just play dead! But what if you meet both at the same time? Wittily illustrated by David Roberts, this is a playful and engaging picture book. Everyone will enjoy this epic tale of true love and steadfastness, no less heroic or inspiring for starring a pair of woolly socks!

Author and illustrator both go to town, creating a fabulously funny and inventive story of true sock love, with a surprise ending that will leave everyone smiling.

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Great fun, and the sock drawer will never be the same again! In their dreams they climb aboard a rocket and fly up to the ESA to join their daddy and the crew. Floating in the starry sky they can say goodnight to the planets and the shooting stars before a final orbit past the moon and home time. As ever in this deservedly popular series the rhyming text is perfect for bedtime reading while the pictures are particularly appealing. It also contains a letter to readers from Tim Peake, himself the father of two little boys, making it even more special. My name is Nugget.

Chicken Nugget. This is my family. I'm the smallest. And when you're the smallest, nobody ever listens. When Banana is thrown into the 'reject' bin with the other mis-shapen fruit and veg, he decides that enough is enough - after all, he may be a little bit bruised but that doesn't mean he's any less brilliant! So be proud of your bumps! And celebrate what makes you different!

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Because going bad can sometimes be very, very good. A fantastically funny book about loving what makes you YOU! The next big commercial picture book series, combining counting and actions for pre-schoolers - perfect for fans of the Ten Little series and Oi Frog! Join in and do the dance moves in this hilarious new rhyming dinosaur story from the bestselling author of the Goodnight Spaceman series, with illustrations from award-winning illustrator, Rosalind Beardshaw.

Chomp, chomp, chomp! Let's do the dinosaur! Stomp your feet, swish your tail and get ready to do the dinosaur! Follow toddler Tom as he teaches you and all his friends exactly how to be a dinosaur. There's a rumble in the jungle and Tom calls on all his friends to copy him as they chomp, slash, swish and roar together.

But when they stumble across a huge hill, they're in for a big, toothy surprise. Little ones will love doing the actions and joining in with the fun, interactive story. Michelle Robinson's energetic rhyming text and Rosalind Beardshaw's cheerful, bright illustrations make this a joy to read aloud with toddlers. Think that being a tooth fairy is all about sparkly fairy dust, shiny coins and collecting teeny-tiny teeth from cute, sleeping children?

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Well, think again. Tate's big sister May is taking her out on her very first tooth-collecting mission, and it's going to be a little It will involve trekking through the deep, dark jungle, plunging into the murky ocean, and facing the ice of the Arctic. Because it's not just sweet, slumbering little children that lose their pearly whites, oh no All kinds of toothy predators lose their gnashers, too! Can Tate collect missing teeth from crocs, sharks and anacondas A fast-paced, funny and action-packed adventure story, which introduces two tough brave new fairies and many a ferocious animal!

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I wanted a cat to cuddle A great big furry fluffball like the cat in my book The leading lady of this tale longs for a pet cat to cuddle and call her own - a furry fluffball, just like the one in her book. So, after studying her grandma's cat, Hector, she lays a trail with all the things that she knows cats love - balls of wool, saucers of milk, cardboard boxes and catnip aplenty. And then she waits for a cat to come The legend of The Pied Piper gets an adorably feline twist in this new story from Goodnight Tractor author Michelle Robinson and is brought beautifully to life by illustrator Chinlun Lee.

A magical sing-along birthday adventure for little pirates everywhere, based on the lyrics of the Happy Birthday song! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear pirate.


May your wishes come true Based on the lyrics of the Happy Birthday song, this swashbuckling adventure is the perfect treat for any little pirate on their special day. Ten fat sausages sizzling in the pan Come on a great escape through the kitchen as we follow each sausage that decides to make a run for it. Will they succeed or will the cat, blender, plug hole or fan prove their downfall?

Michelle Robinson's no-holds-barred humour is perfectly matched by Tor Freeman's mad-cap artwork. Hilarious and merciless, this tale will have you hooting out loud.


A magical sing-along birthday adventure for the little princess in your life, based on the lyrics of the Happy Birthday song! Happy birthday, dear princess. Based on the lyrics of the Happy Birthday song, this beautiful book is the perfect gift for any little princess on her special day. Fred and Nell's grandma is babysitting and the kids couldn't be happier. But hang on, there's something not quite right about her. In fact, she's acting very strangely indeed. And is that a spare eyeball?

Digger the Dinosaur I Can Read 4-Book Collection - eBook

A tail? A striped tongue? That's NOT their grandma; it's an alien Find out how Fred and Nell overcome the invasion by grandmas from Mars and get their own grandma back! When Bam the panda accidentally breaks Red's drum, he needs to think of a way to make it up to Red! Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks is an emotionally-engaging fiction series that will fire children's imaginations and develop their comprehension skills. The variety of authors and illustrators broadens children's reading experience, with something to appeal to every child.

All the books in the series are carefully levelled, making it easy to match every reader to the right book. A little boy and a young monster accidentally switch schools on their first day, with hilarious results. At the School for Nice Boys and Girls, the monster is surprised to learn he must sit still, be quiet, and waitin line. Meanwhile, at Monster School, the bewildered boy finds himself launching a custard pie attack, counting bogiesand sharing nasty smells.

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The child and the monster play by each other's rules, at first bewildered, soon horrified - and eventually getting into the swing of things. This madcap picture book is perfect for little monsters everywhere! Did you know that they don't give away goldfish at the fairground anymore? You can win a giraffe instead. So much better!