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The blocks are lightly smoked, lending a savory and downright bacony flavor to the smooth, sharp cheddar. Makes a perfect sandwich companion, especially sandwiches of the vegetarian variety Margie sports a white bloomy rind, and smooth, creamy paste. This little wheel has a clean, buttery flavor that showcases the natural flora of our farmstead milk. Aged weeks and made from pasteurized cows' milk. Firm, nutty, complex, concentrated, sweet… buttery, ale… and creamy. There is a pleasing meaty, chewiness to Marieke Golden.

Brilliant with dried apricots that match bite-for-bite the tang and acidity of the cheese. Big flavors that will pair with equally big flavors. Would make an excellent quiche with caramelized onions or break from tradition and grate it over French Onion Soup! Marieke Penterman and her family relocated from the Netherlands to the nether regions of northern Wisconsin to pursue their cheesemaking dreams.

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They produce an array of award-winning goudas that would make their cousins across the pond blush! The cheese is crafted from the milk of Holstein-Fresian cows, the breed 15 developed for its dairying prowess in Holland. Each wax-coated wheel is aged between 9 and 12 months, during which time it develops a dense, creamy paste and a caramelly sweet, grassy flavor.

Heuvelton, NY. During its heydey in the 19th century, McAdam produced cheddar for the United States and for the export market. The cheese was transported to the ports via mule-towed barge on the Erie Canal. Today McAdam makes a wide range of cheeses, their extra sharp cheddar is a piquant, oniony and creamy aged cheddar that is sure to please!

Great for burgers, grilled cheese, or snacking. This semi-firm mixed-milk cheese expresses the best flavors to be had from fresh pasture. Light, citrusy, grassy, and a touch nutty, Meadow Melody is washed with a saltwater brine solution to give it its tawny orange rind. Think young pecorino with an added dash of butterfat to liven things up. Melinda Mae is the second cheese to be released by the Mystic Cheese Company.

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It takes its name from the classic Shel Silverstein poem about a little girl named Melinda Mae who eats a whale from head to toe. The flavor is subtle and buttery with a touch of tang and a pleasant yeasty finish. Ideal atop a pizza or served up with a favorite compote… Takes well to salty and sweet preparations. Aged 2 weeks or more. Say hello to Melville, the first cheese from the Mystic Cheese Company! A tiny cheese business in coastal Connecticut, the Mystic Cheese Co is cranking out some super-fine Italian-esque cheese.

Veteran cheesemaker Brian Civitello oversees the production of these pudgy, fresh little squares of deliciousness that are similar in style to Crescenza. The texture is perhaps the most unique thing about this cheese. Melville is satiny, silky and blubbery pun definitely intended! Aged 1 to 3 weeks. A little bit refined i. The paste breaks down near the rind, resulting in a creamy layer of sweet barnyard goodness, and stays a bit firmer in the center, allowing for some bright acidic notes to contradict the more mellow, milky exterior.

A seasonal special from Twig Farm! The texture is semi-firm and squidgy, with the center of the cheese remaining chalky and breaking down around the rind. Nutty, lightly sharp and citrusy with some yeasty and lactic notes. Aged for 4 months or more. Our "Moolicious Blue" is an adaptation of our award-winning recipe for "Ewelicious Blue" sheep cheese, but using a different type of milk results is a very different cheese, albeit a delicious one, even when the same procedure is followed.

That's just one of the countless fascinating aspects of cheesemaking that makes us eager to keep making more cheese. We didn't have to think too much about the name for this cheese A slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese whose white rind just conceals the ash exterior beneath; ripened gently with a firm chevre style center when the cheese is young. As it ripens from the outside in the pate sweetens and taking on an evermore delicate body.

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  • The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind encase a tacky, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard. Aged weeks in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. A complex washed rind cheese that evokes the earthy, pungent tommes of the Swiss Alps. Part grass, part toasted nuts, and part beef broth would accurately describe this cheese. Aged for more than 6 months, Mountaineer is one of the most savory, rustic bits of cheese you could ever hope for your tastebuds to stumble across.

    Made only when the herd of Jersey cows at Meadow Creek Dairy is out on pasture, from 17 April until November each year. After spending some time in California, 6th generation Emily Bryant decided to return home to the family farm to make delicious farmstead cheese, which in turn she and her husband Jay hoped would make the farm sustainable and profitable. A few years and many delicious varieties of cheese later, they are a true success story, and we are proud to feature their cheese!

    Hidden Springs Farm raw sheeps' milk, Westby WI Hidden Springs Farm sits atop a beautiful green ridge in the heart of the Coulee on the patchwork terrain of Wisconsin's "Driftless Area" the area that the glacier skipped. In keeping with their sustainable financial and environmental vision, they employ Amish neighbors for milking and construction, use Percheron draft horses - not tractors - to plow their fields, and keep donkeys to protect their lambs from coyotes and other predators.

    This award-winning mountain-style raw sheep's milk cheese is named after the range on which the animals graze seasonally. Aged months, it has a natural rind that is washed during aging to promote an intense flavor and a firm, tight texture with tiny eyes. It is slightly granular with flavors of nuts and a hint of a damp cave. The aging of this washed-rind cheese gives it a firm and dignified paste, with a lingering caramel-toned sweetness on the finish. A pudgy, unctuous, washed-rind cheese that is one part tart and one part peanut butter.

    Named after Sebastian VonTrapp's grandmother, the cheeses are bathed in a salt water brine twice weekly up at the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. Oma is the perfect mouthful of pungent, salty, barnyard goodness. Aged for 2 to 3 months. Could it be that this cheese is a cautionary tale against overconsumption? Surely, if you ate too many of these little buggers, you would be a likely candidate for a coronary. At just four ounces, it is the perfect cheese to tote along with you to a dinner party, and pairs equally well with viscous white wines as well as bolder reds. The wheels are washed with a saltwater brine; over the course of their maturation they develop distinctly fruity, funky, fermenty flavors accented by a slightly acidic twang.

    The milk for Ouleout is sourced from a neighboring dairy in Delhi, NY, where the mostly Jersey-based herd is fed a diet of pasture in the summer months and dry hay and grasses in the wintertime. The cheese is named after nearby Ouleout Creek. Aged days. An Alpine tomme-style cheese whose interior is dimpled with tiny holes and rivulets.

    The golden, buttery paste is simple, balanced, and dignified with a deep nutty flavor. The finish is something to marvel at, leaving a bright tangy streak of flavor on the palate after the more subdued and gentle primary elements of the cheese give way.

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    Pawlet is aged for 5 to 6 months. The name comes from the building where the distillery is housed - The Paymaster building was built in to serve as a bank for the employees of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The rind develops a tawny golden hue, and the cheese is lightly pungent with a ripe fruit and barnyard undertone. The cheeses are produced in the lactic coagulation method, meaning that the milk acidifies slowly and the curd sets overnight. That process results in a chalky, yet creamy texture that breaks down to gooey-ness over time. A delightful little droplet of creamy and decadent cheese.

    These Pearls are young, tangy and absolutely delicious, from their near-iridescent rinds down to their fluffy and spreadable cores. This goat and cow mix proves to be a match made in heaven Bright, tart, and lemony flavors dominate this lovely traditional cheese, which takes its shape and inspiration from St.

    objectifcoaching.com/components/boynton/soundtrack-rencontre-du-troisieme.php Cheese maker Brad Parker honed his skills as a cheese maker and goatherd in the Limousin region of France, and his experience shows through the flavor of his sublime goat cheeses. Named after the land formation on which our farm sits, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like Gruyere and Beaufort.