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The chapters range over more than eight hundred years of philosophical enquiry, and provide critical analyses of all the principal accounts of how it is that language can have meaning and how we can More about Language Companions to Ancient Thought. Image Books, September Here is a book that generation after generation has taken to its heart, for it lives and breathes the spirit of St.

Francis as no other book has ever done.

Logic and Ethics by Peter T. Geach

It is irresistible. The warmth of Franciscan love and joy radiates from every page More about The Little Flowers of St. Columbia University Press, April More about The Mahabharata. Oxford University Press, February The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia thrived between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates over 4, years ago.

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The myths collected here, originally written in cuneiform on clay tablets, include parallels with the biblical stories of the Creation and the Flood, and the famous Epic Bedford Books, December German philosopher and self-proclaimed nihilist Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche stands out as a furious, explosive thinker who repeatedly pulled apart the certainties of the nineteenth century and whose writings attract, astonish, and unsettle readers to this day.

This volume offers a selection of Nietzsche's writings Our weekly e-newsletter keeps you up to date on our full schedule of author events, the books we're into, and the literary beat around town. View our list of A Cappella's 30 titles and other bookseller favorites on the Our Staff page.

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Results 26 - 50 of Ask a Question about Etudes sur le parmenide tome I le poeme de parmenide tome II problemes d'interpretations Ask a Question about History of the Hebrew Commonwealth. Ask a Question about The Mahabharata. Contact Us Reach Out. News Latest Updates. The revised version of the section on Moore is undoubtedly superior to the earlier version, and I have therefore included it. But in my opinion this is not true of the new version of the section on naturalistic theories: although more comprehensive than the earlier version, it is not only repetitive in itself, but also repeats, sometimes almost verbatim, passages which occur elsewhere in the lectures.

Philosophical Ethics

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Philosophy Ethics. FAQ Policy. About this book This volume contains C. Show all. Analysis and Dialectic Joseph Russell. Essays on Philosophy in Australia Jan T.

Logic and Ethics

Time Zdzistaw Augustynek. The Categories and the Principle of Coherence A. Modal Logic with Descriptions Imre Rusza. Logic and Ethics P.

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Table of contents 1. Ethics and the Limits of Consistency. Negative Values. Whatever Happened to Deontic Logic. The Ethical Root of Language. The Principle of Transcendence and the Foundation of Axiology. Deontic Logic and Imperative Logic. Against Tolerating the Intolerable. Winning Against and With the Opponent. Meaning-Norms and Objectivity. On the Logic of Practical Evaluation. The Deductive Model in Ethics. On Fair Distribution of Indivisible Goods.