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It explores what happens when new convicts arrive and how they combat the frightening surprises that await them. To learn more and to preorder your copy, click here! This new series of comics takes up where I left off, and is illustrated by Jok and written by my son, Keith. It's a doozy. Check it out and if so inclined, help support it. Also, keep in mind, that it stands on its own.

It's nice if you have read the previous, and I believe that is still available, but this one stands on its own. Dinosaurs, cowboys, pirates, a whiff of steampunk, and a whole lot of excellent goodness. Really fun, and sometimes even moving. Contains spoilers, so be alert to that. It took me about a year, which is a really long time for me, considering how slim the book is, but I was learning, and of course, writing short stories and editing anthologies to pay the bills at the same time.

This is a very special collector's edition that includes along with the novel an introduction by me, an article by my son concerning me as a writer, and a rare short story of mine, 'Man With Two Lives. Pretty damn cool story. Check it out. Write like everything is alive. Rocks, trees, cars, you name it. They don't have to talk or ask directions optional , but by thinking of objects that way you write more descriptively.

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Not that you should overdo it. There are others, but they jump to mind. It gives the work a more painterly or cinematic feel if you think of things, even things that don't move, as alive. You might want to join this group.

The Difference between Flash Fiction, a Short Story, a Novelette, a Novel, a Novella, & a Novel....

The Bottoms tells a great yarn of a vanished place and time. Then you'll want to sign on to the Kickstarter campaign for Full Bleed Vol. Sono Joe R. Lansdale, nel bene e nel male. Say ciao! A new Andrew Vachss novelette, and I've read it and it's fantastic. You can check it out here.

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A fine collection. Not sure how many are left, but if interested, and if you're someone who collects finely constructed books, then this might be for you. Check out Cold Cotton! Champion Joe's story in that anthology is "The Projectionist," and you can read it here! Featuring original cover artwork by Daniele Serra, Prisoner of Violence will be one of the biggest projects from Dark Regions Press in To reserve your copy, head to the project's Kickstarter campaign.

The Boston Globe listed it among the ten best crime books of and LitReactor included it among the best of You can read an excerpt by clicking here, and you can order your copy here! Check it out! It was a lawless, racist, sexist place where one was often at the mercy of men stronger and crueler.

But when good people band together, they can often accomplish much, and create the kind of environment in which they want to live. It means a great deal to me that Lansdale reflects us back at ourselves, and shows us possible paths out of the thicket.

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The stories here have been grouped as part of a four-part set, this first volume loosely falling into the speculative-fiction, science-fiction, and off-beat fantasy realm. The stories range from alternate universes to dark futures to the warping of time and space, and a variety of unclassifiable items. There is action, humor, whimsy, and a large dollop of what was once called A Sense of Wonder. Future volumes will gather tales of crime and mystery fiction, horror and East Texas Gothic, and historical and western stories.

To check out the story listings, click here -- to order copies for delivery in the USA, click here. Pure fun and lots of it. Coming soon from Subterranean Press.

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  • Give a listen and enjoy! Though she can't talk much, on account of the tongue, it turns out the girl survived a mob hit, and the boss has come to clean up the mess. The Elephant of Surprise is full of Champion Joe's trademark humor, whip-smart dialogue, and plenty of ass-kicking adventures. Check out Hoot Goes There? I knew Harlan a little and liked him. I wasn't a dear friend, but we were certainly friendly. I always got a kick out of his phone messages. He never called me Joe, always Lansdale.

    Last time I called him he was not able to come to the phone, so I spoke with his wonderful wife, Susan. I had a feeling Harlan was near the end, and now, a few months later, that has proven true. It was an obvious feeling. He was old and he was sick and had been in the hospital. Harlan once said, and I believe I read this in the biography about him, that he would not be a beloved figure.

    He did me a kindness or two, and I wasn't even aware he was doing it.


    His work I read in the Seventies and Eighties was inspiring. He had a unique twist on things, and he had the courage to stand up for 'genre' writers as writers of worth, and he had the courage to tell 'genre' and 'literary' writers they sucked when he thought they did. Sometimes it approached just mean-spirited and unnecessary, and other times it was a reminder that what we do as writers matters.

    That we have an obligation to be true to our art.

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    I've never thought we have to be writing about something of importance each time out, but we should feel that writing is important every day. I write on both sides of the coin. Fun and light, dark and thoughtful, or at least I like to think I do. I was going to say some things about Harlan, maybe tell a couple of small personal stories about him, but I decided this article covers Harlan about as good as anything I've seen. Champion Joe's Deadwood Dick debuts in a comics adaptation in your fine country tomorrow! Check it out:. Their narrative voices complement each other exceptionally well, and the snappy dialogue between the two main characters sometimes seems like the dueling riffs of two virtuoso guitarists.

    In total, neoliberal multiculturalism and accompanying demands for more 'representation' on TV and in film are powerful forces and slogans, but they rarely result in compelling and authentic popular art or other types of entertainment. If you're of a mind that you'd like to see a fourth season, add your signature here. And Amy Foster says that you can also send Netflix a direct message through Facebook messenger. Nothing like letting the world know you miss a good show, no matter what the end results. Why Netflix? Well, it would be a nice place for it to end up.

    Who knows? Here's Joe's responses! I will be contributing. Brian Keene, writer, friend, a fellow who has raised thousands for charity, people and children in need, now needs our help due to devastating burns.