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‘The Last O.G.’: Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish on Their Painfully Funny Sitcom

POP Thur. Already there have been complaints from Mediawatch UK about gory scenes in the opening episode showing a father being murdered in front of his son. The poem, often cited as one of the most important surviving works in Old English literature, was written anonymously between the 8th and 11th centuries — the period in which the Vikings were raiding Britain — and melds fiction with real historical events over 3, lines. It tells the story of Beowulf who comes to the aid of Hrothgar, king of the settlement of Herot, when his people are being terrorised by Grendl.

William Hurt was thrilled to play Hrothgar and believes the series will be a hit with a modern audience. Veteran star Hurt, 65, was thrilled to play Hrothgar and believes the series, which uses state-of-the-art CGI to bring the creatures to life, will be a hit with a modern audience. The iron-rich heart of the Shieldlands. Its cosmopolitan community is made up of smelters, craftspeople and merchants, and its ruler is the most powerful of all.

The coastal settlement of Bregan is the gateway to the Shieldlands and is home to fishermen and warriors who are tough and independent. The Wisdeth are peaceful farming people whose supply of grain is essential to the survival of the Shieldlands. The Banning are forest people who live in small groups deep in the woodlands. The Mere were driven from their lands by the swamp-dwelling Warig, with the survivors seeking refuge with the Banning.

Beowulf is such a physical part that leading man Kieran Bew had to be recalled during the audition process to prove he could be aggressive enough for the role. But it was brilliant as I got to have Sunday dinners with my mum.

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Many of the cast were asked to sign five-year contracts in the hope that it does. It also helped that Kieran is a Beowulf geek. In the opening scenes Beowulf is seen galloping across the Shieldlands, returning to his childhood home of Herot to pay his respects to the recently deceased Hrothgar, the man who raised the orphan Beowulf alongside his own son Slean.

Slean is so complex. I was in trouble quite a lot at school but I also consider myself quite an ambitious guy. Slean is just the same. Half-human half-monster, Grendl left lives in the hinterland between the human inhabitants of the Shieldlands and the Mudborn creatures who ruled there before the humans conquered it hundreds of years earlier. But their weekly tradition is disrupted when a tumble on his tuches means Zaida is housebound — and bagel-less!

Will they all be hungry for bagels on Sunday? Is there something Eli can do? The Bernsteins are heading off on a cruise without the family pets. When Bagels sneaks aboard the ship, Josh and his little sister, Becky, must keep him a secret! But then an onboard mystery begins to unfold, involving two potential spies and a mysterious woman with a secret envelope. Can Bagels help crack the case? Look out, Bagels is back!

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: #FreeMorgan

The Bernstein family vacation to Sasquatch Lake is off to a rocky start with no TV and a leaky cabin roof. Josh keeps seeing a hairy figure lurking in the woods, and even Bagels is nervous. And are Sasquatches real? Prepared in conjunction with Canada's National Ballet School, this is an inspiring resource for boys and girls interested in ballet. So when the entire family, except Balthazar, disappears, the only Fabuloso without real magic must find them.

Balthazar teams up with a long-lost lunatic uncle and the loathsome Pagan Fistula against a force so evil that even powerful magicians cower before it. What hope does a ragtag crew of misfits have? Follow along as a fictional researcher observes and makes journal entries about their field trip through the Shunan Bamboo Forest ecosystem. Outstanding photographs highlight the animals, plants and people that inhabit China's oldest bamboo forest. Simple graphs show facts about the forest, and the final report describes efforts being made to preserve it. Separated from his family when they are forced to flee their home in Burundi, young Deo lives alone in a refugee camp in Tanzania.

Resources are scarce and gangs steal what they can. One gang leader has begun targeting Deo, who finds comfort in making a banana-leaf ball.

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When a coach arrives and organizes a soccer game, everything begins to change. Pip craves adventure and the chance to right the injustice he sees all around him — just like his hero, Robin Hood. An offer to go to the Bradford Fair allows him to escape his dull life for a few days. Can Pip and his Band of Merry Kids save the day? The massive volume of information available today makes clarity a key component of data literacy, and visual representations of data are the clearest and quickest way to share information.

Using engaging activities and relevant, real-life examples, this book teaches young readers how to organize and clearly present data using bar graphs, and explains how to interpret data in this form. Meet Barnaby, an unforgettable bunny with a few blind spots! Barnaby has an excellent memory. He remembers to brush his teeth and he always remembers when it's ice-cream night. So how could he forget something so important?

As Barnaby finds out, sometimes the thing that's slipped your mind is right under your nose or right above it. Jim Webb and his grandfather are supposed to be on vacation, fishing for barracuda in the Florida Keys. But with a deathbed request for help, a generations-old crime and attempted murder, everything changes. Webb discovers that what lurks in the shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish.

And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past. There is so much more to baseball than throwing, hitting, running and catching.

OSHO: The Fear of the Unknown...

Behind the game is a wealth of science, folklore, mathematics, psychology and fascinating, little-known facts. This entertaining, informative and highly visual book gives young baseball fans a front-row seat to colourful details, surprising insights and new discoveries in baseball knowledge. Die-hard fans and casual spectators alike will want to get their hands on this book of fascinating basketball facts.