Gym Dodgers: Lose Weight And Get Fitter Using Only Your Phone

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Because during fashion week a lot of the models have been running around so we need that re-up in a sense. In the morning, definitely, you'll always find male models eating. Trust me we eat.


If there's 50 looks you're going to find 49 male models eating backstage. I realize when I eat pork or red meat I gain a lot more weight. So with pork I know it's harder to digest for me. The pizza's amazing in Italy, so I have to indulge. But greasy foods can sometimes fatten my head. And coffee If you ever see me drinking coffee, run. Other than that I eat anything. Shake 'n Bake chicken.

If you want to know my kryptonite, I'm gonna give it to you. It's Shake n Bake chicken.

Tom Kerridge: how I'm turning my 12 stone weight loss into a 'forever journey'

That's something I'm sitting in front of my television, Looney Tunes are on, Bugs my hero , mom comes out with the plate. Shake n' Bake chicken and corn on the cob actually.

I still keep the same diet definitely. If anything, it's the workout that I'll ramp up.

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Do more reps on certain things. Running six miles on the treadmill, then sit ups. The best thing for me is calisthenics, which is using your body's weight. Instead of looking for a gym when I'm traveling. I use the floor, I use my backpack or my luggage, for weights I can use them for my biceps or my back. They're the best.

Inside Dominic Smith’s transformation, which is for real

Because when you use weights your body relies on outside sources, so you can easily lose that tone. But using your own body's weight it's coming form the inside. So it stays longer, it works better.

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And to get nice obliques and that V-line, when you're standing up just do a little twist. A side plank, kinda. YES, everyone does.

The Household Items That Give You a Surprisingly Great Workout

I tell them sip some [apple cider] vinegar. That is the elixir.

go here It cleans you, it kills bacteria, if you have break outs it fixes those. So your friends say, I wanna lose weight, I wanna get abs, and you tell them drink vinegar and twist a little bit? I try not to. But if I'm around it, I'll probably have a champagne. But that's a thing I learned early to stay away from: alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

Kunst sees Proday as the ideal side hustle for those looking for alternative revenue streams. Football star Walker demonstrates core exercises in the app. She also knew slick design alone wouldn't get users excited about the product. Sara Haider, one of her seed investors and a longtime software engineer, concurs.

In February, Haider made a public commitment to invest in nine consecutive women-led companies. We can do better.

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Proday marks the first of Haider's nine investments since committing to a more diverse portfolio. She added that, as an early-stage investor, she's backing the founder as much as the business itself. I'm a staff writer at Forbes, where I write about women entrepreneurs, workplace equality, and diversity in Silicon Valley and the tech world. Before taking on this beat Clare O'Connor. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Read More.