Healing from Heaven: A Healers Guide to the Universe

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Daniel Ryan, D.

Healing from Heaven will help you overcome spiritual and energetic blockages to activate and realize authentic freedom; peace of mind and heart, and the love and joy inherent in our nature. Daniel Ryan is a gifted healer and medium who takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. This book will convince you that the soul never dies and lives on in all of us.

Healing from Heaven shares his journey into metaphysical realms and gives voice to the deeply healing power of our own sensitivity and creative awareness. Not to mention the elation of being healed. Ryan, a modern day Avatar, blends the world of traditional medicine and eastern philosophy to create a universal love and spiritual healing that we have been craving.

Thank you, Dr Ryan, for sharing this incredible gift! James Peace, M. Physician, Surgeon, Clinical Researcher. Their Movement speed on the ground is slightly faster then Flight but slower then Super Speed. Acrobatics can also glide through the air with automatic altitude adjustment. Their sped in the air is similar to Flight if they are not adjust altitude. In combat they have the most agility and mobility.

Super Speed has the fast horizontal Movement and has slightly less agility and mobility in combat. Super Speed is able to jump fairly high and can run faster then Flight can fly. In harder boss battles and PvP Movement choice is less important because of grounding effect taking away all of your Movement advantages. Still Acrobatics and Super Speed are generally easier to kite or move enemies to wherever you want them while Flight has the advantage of avoiding most damage.

For self heals either Blossom or Rejuvenation. Small medium heals can include Shared Fate, Watcher, Metabolism, etc. Supercharge heals include Regeneration and Transcendence. Shields include Swarm Shield and Boon of Souls. This loadout gives you the ability to play both PvP and PvE content and gives the widest range of healing abilities. Balancing Stats The tricky aspect of being a Healer is balancing the various stats that you need to be effective in your role.

On the other hand you have PvP which requires Healers to take on a semi-Tank role and requires a mix of Toughness and Health. There is also the issue of the amount of skill points you have. A good Healer covers some of the critical stats but a great Healer takes advantage of everything. This means Healers usually need a lot of skill points to be effective in their role. Power and Vitalization are also minor stats a Healer could focus more on if they have extra points to spend.

The first thing Healers should do with their skill points is make sure they have a functional weapon.

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Like every other player Healers should be able to defend themselves and be able to perform. This is especially important in PvP where your usage of weapon combos could make or break your groups survivability.

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  • Included in your weapon combos should be a Lunge hold square , a Block Breaker hold triangle and enough weapon combos to build your Weapon Regen. This should cost you anywhere from skill points depending on the weapon you want to use. After you have a functional weapon you should make sure your Movement is functional.

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    The investment in skill points varies between the 3 Movements but when you should have is either Supersonic for Flight, Speed Force for Super Speed and Rocket-assisted Glide for Acrobatics. This will cost you an addition skill points. Your third priority should be Restoration. This should cost you an additional 19 skill points unless you selected either of those weapons. By balancing these 2 stats you will have a steady increase for critical healing effectiveness. For Critical Heal Amount balance the first 3 stacks and then finish the 4th stack after you have all Critical Heal Chance.

    This should cost you an additional 49 skill points unless you selected one of these weapons. Once you have your healing skills you should pickup the resistances from your Movement. If you maxed out the suggestions above you do not need to spend additional skill points. However if you did not you may need to do so. This will cost you an additional 5 skill points.

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    Power points vary between the 2 powersets. However any remaining power points should be spent on the Empathic Healing and Miracle Worker Iconic traits.

    Heal Your World | Heaven Leigh

    In total you should have spent skill points and 2 power points for a fully functional spec. However that is not all! Generally this is where Healer builds become more diverse. Once a Healer can fulfill their main job they look to take a secondary job. There are many approaches that seem to work. The first approach utilizes the Vitalization stat and gaining a bit more Power to fulfill a support role.

    This approach has limited use but can help the Controller role with restoring Power. The main application of this approach would be in PvP where the Healer essentially becomes a Tank. Though a very expensive approach in terms of skill and power points this approach will increase the overall damage of your group. However it can be tricky to take advantage of this job and still be effective in your primary job. All 3 approaches have uses and will be explained in the following sections. Restoration vs Critical Heal Amount and Chance Many Healers have asked if spending skill points in Restoration first is really better then spending skill points in Critical Heal Amount and Chance first.

    There have been many opinions on this topic, but these are mostly just that, opinions. Some Healers believe that you should focus on critical heals because if you will be healing for many small heals that will increase your odds of landing a critical heal. Other Healers believe that by focusing on both Restoration and Critical Heal Amount and Chance equally you will increase both regular and critical heals equally.

    Feminine healing

    However testing has shown that neither of these approaches are best. Testing has revealed that Restoration should be focused on first because it affects both regular and critical heals. The way critical heals work is by increasing regular heals by a certain. Regular heals are rely on Restoration for their effective so that means critical heals also benefit from Restoration.

    Consider the following example. You have a heal A that base value of Overall you get an average of 10 healing from Restoration compared to 7 healing with critical healing skills. If you max Restoration at about Overall healing would be 14 for Restoration alone and 38 for Critical Heal Amount. At first glance it is not a huge difference but with few skill points Restoration is a better choice over Critical Heal Amount.

    As you get more skill points though Critical Heal Amount would be better to get first. Restoration vs Power and Vitalization Another topic of debate is whether Restoration is better then getting more Power or having a high Power regen. More testing is needed in order for me to continue writing this section.

    If anyone has any facts they would like to share on this topic fee free to add them. If you ever queue into Alerts with random players you will find that sometimes the Healer acts like a Tank if the actual Tank is not on par. This can usually cause a wipe unless the Healer is familiar with tanking tactics. This is especially true in PvP where more often then not the Healer acts as the Tank the whole match. Of course the best option for a Healer is to not to grab aggro in the first place, but if you are forced to Tank then knowing how to Tank will help you dramatically.

    This is especially true in PvP where you are usually forced to be a Tank. You can find more detailed information about tanking as a Healer in PvP Tanking.