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For some unknown reason it seems to think everyone lives in America! I like it that the content is so rich and intense, it means a small dip into it every now and then satisfies, too many pages turned is bewildering - it should last me for a good few months or until your next one comes out Your treat no 2 came in this morning!!!!

I couldn't write before as I was too busy taking a first "tour" of it. It is as perfect as volume I am over the moon and on cloud 9! This is the best gift I could give myself and the absolute best start to ! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing about such treasure of information. I am truly at a loss for words Best regards and congratulations for a work of art! Love your book Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and hard work, and for the pleasure, interest, and education you bestow on your readers. As usual, informative, interesting and enjoyable.

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That makes these little gems a great addition to any magical library. Nov 29, Serenas. Network Serena'S rated it really liked it.

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I am a newbie this was very good simple to understand it made allot of good ways to help me on my way I luv this one I've got a few more of this author to read I found nothing in it wrong but I'm learning so that's what this book is to learn its quite well done thank you. May 30, Jen rated it it was amazing. I dig it! May 13, Tamika rated it it was amazing.

Good book for beginning Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Insightful and informative. Useful recipes, which I enjoy because it's magical when you make your own potions and add your own divination. Jul 07, Cathy Addley rated it it was ok. Dec 17, Heather Roache rated it really liked it.

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Useful Information I'm reading most of the books by this Author and so far they have provided useful information set in a conversational manner. I have enjoyed it so far.

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This is a very concise booklet with the basics of moon magic; very good for beginners, I think. Great as Always! Easy to follow but gives a lot of great information for beginners. I love this series and can't wait to continue. Aug 08, Lyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: wiccan. Engaging and informative. I will be reviewing it again and again. I've already done that several times. Mar 01, Mimi Carstairs rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual.

An amazing introductory book on the power of the moon.

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Accessible to everyone, not only Wiccans! And it's free with Kindle Unlimited soooo. Jan 04, Nicki Handley rated it it was amazing. Loved the book I thought it was a great book Made me understand the moon more and when the best time to do spells is for your intention. Sep 22, Abigail rated it liked it. If you don't know much about Wicca or basing rituals off the moon phases then this book is definitely for you! I found that as someone who has been reading about Wicca for the past year or so that this book wasn't really geared towards me or for more advanced practitioners. Which is not a problem, but I just didn't get as much out of it as If you don't know much about Wicca or basing rituals off the moon phases then this book is definitely for you!

Which is not a problem, but I just didn't get as much out of it as I wanted to. I would recommend this to people who want a quick read, but for books to keep as reference I would probably pick something else. Dec 15, Kimberly Gamez rated it it was amazing. Moon Magic This is a wonderful book. I had a very hard time putting it down. Lisa provides so much fantastic information. He was sure of it. The old man had come and gone for two weeks. Ennyn explained that he was kind. He was cranky. He liked to bark orders too much.

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And fuss at her for not learning. And not knowing. How could she learn and how could she know? The world she came from was all a muddle. Her few memories were fuzzy and barbed—they hurt if she grasped too tightly. He kept looking over his shoulder. Are you Heron or Crow or Wren?

Are you Feather or Claw? And the mother dragon scooped her up again and cradled her in her great wings. Harness her or drain her or bore her to death with their insufferable presentations. They are making it up as they go along. All those fine movements had given her a crick in her shoulder.

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Perhaps she will drain them. Did you think of that? The egg on the bed of moss gave a little shiver and a shake. The mother dragon scooped the egg in her other wing, and held both girl and egg close to her chest. That was just the trouble. I want to protect her , the wizard noticed himself thinking. More than anything in the world. I can feel it. But the girl did. There was something in the forest—a dark, prowly something.

Like a wolf. Or perhaps a tiger. But it was no use. Other than the tree and the blossoms and the bees in her dream—other than the vague faces of the man and woman she assumed must be her parents—whoever she was and wherever she was from were nothing more than a formless darkness in her mind. And she could not penetrate it. She held out her hand to the wizard and closed her eyes. A tulip, large and lurid, grew from the center of her palm. She smiled at the old wizard. Plucky little thing , he thought, trying not to be pleased.

The magicians emerged from the curtain of green.

Moon Magic

They looked at the girl. There was hunger in their faces. They slipped in and out of her knowing—a glint here, a corner there, and here an edge, but never all at once. She had magic now, but her name was nowhere to be found.