Raising Children Based on Their Horoscope

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What is Eczema? What is Heatstroke? What is Gastroenteritis? What is High Blood Pressure? What is Impetigo? Migraines and Kids What is Nausea? What is Pneumonia? What is Strep Throat? What is Swine Flu? What is Tetanus? What is the Norovirus? What is Tonsillitis? What is Toxocariasis? What is Toxoplasmosis? Who Stole My Woman? Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama! Taureans Are Stubborn Taurus cuties are little bulls, for sure. Routines Rule Don't spring a surprise on your little Taurus, she'll hate it.

Talking about goals and being flexible enough to revisit and reset them can be critical in motivating a reluctant Lion. Pour on the praise. All Lions crave attention and affirmation, and little Leos are no exception. Lion cubs need to know that their parents think the world of them, so be there for every soccer game and school play—and make sure to cheer loudly. Support their natural inner leader.

Since Leo children are born hardwired for leadership, focus on encouraging traits like kindness, fairness, and honesty. From a young age, they should see the importance of becoming benevolent leaders instead of little bullies. Prepare their runway. If you want peace, let your young Leo dress him- or herself. You'll notice early on that Leo children have strong ideas about how they want to look, so stand aside and prepare to be amazed by what this kid comes up with.

The Zodiacs Which Make The Best Parents, Ranked Best to Worst

As Leos hit their teens, expect the situation to get a bit rocky. First things first: Leos are incredibly loyal, and family means everything to them. Still, because family is their bedrock, they're going to test boundaries. And annoyingly! You may have a hard time explaining "why" a rule is in place, so don't get caught in back-and-forth discussions—just lay down the law if it's important to you. While Leos will experiment, they're unlikely to be swayed by peer pressure. Your Lion is usually that teen who's friends with of kids from widely different groups, and while Leos may belong to or lead a clique, they won't be mean to those outside of it.

Leo is respected by peers, and may be interested in a student leadership position. Leo embraces family and may turn down social events with their peers in favor of hanging out at home. While Leos love to socialize, they also need plenty of time to recharge. A Saturday spent in bed isn't lazy, no matter what it looks like. To perform at peak capacity, Leos need sleep and relish sleeping in. Let them! Hanging out with family: Let them babysit! You can also recruit them for family chores and projects.

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Being responsible for their own schedule: So what if they want to sleep all Saturday They know how to juggle their time. Acting older: A Leo teen may hang out at the local college campus, because Leos love trying on adulthood for size. Doing things against their will: An unhappy Leo will make things unhappy for everyone, so choose your battles about what they "have to" do and what they "must" attend.

Having someone else shop for them: Give them a budget and cash, and let them buy what they like. Early mornings: You may have to prod them out of bed on a school day, or come up with a reward system—like use of the family car—that will motivate them. Brave, intelligent, and fiercely protective of family, Leo parents think of their family as their "pack" and will do anything to make sure that the pack is protected and happy.

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Find ways to help her master these. Be kind to your child. Her star has appeared and it may be different in magnitude and brilliance than your own!

Raising Scorpio Children

While the child is still in the process of turning her weaknesses into strengths, we can often fill in the gap! In understanding our children, we also come to better understand ourselves, our own inner child. Astrologers want to know what zodiac sign is rising at birth, since this gives a picture of the way we appear or come across to others.

We look out upon the world through the glasses of the Rising Sign. Many astrologers consider the Rising Sign as important as the Sun Sign in describing identity. This makes sense, since the Ascendant describes the early childhood experience. From myriad impressions and interactions, the child will weave the tapestry of her unique selfhood.

If the Rising Sign is very different from the Sun sign, the child may have to work at integrating diverse aspects of her personality.

Want to Be an Awesome Parent? Tune in to Your Child’s Zodiac Sign | folocubunro.gq

The Ascendant is the beginning of the First House. For example, if Neptune is in the 1st house, the child will be sensitive and impressionable, no matter what sign is on the Ascendant. A child with Venus in the 1st house is likely to be attractive and charming. Mars in the 1st house is common in the charts of athletes.

Astrologers will often blend the characteristics of the Sun sign with the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a child with an Aries Sun is usually somewhat self-centered. If the child, however, has Pisces Rising then she is likely to be assertive but compassionate and interested in serving others. Sometimes, however, the child may experience a conflict; in this case, for instance, part of the child may want to jump right into new experiences Aries whereas another part may be shy or afraid Pisces.

The child could feel overwhelmed Pisces by the stern parental rebuke given in response to a typically Arian impulsive action! All this may seem very complex, but you can take it step by step. Are any of us really all that simple to understand? You will have to study well the Sun sign and the Ascendant and the sign and house the Ruler is in plus the nature of any planet in the 1st house.

Kids According to Zodiac Signs

Learn the keys, be sensitive and observe the child. You will see how it all comes together. Creating the Natal Chart The astrological, or natal, chart is a method of mapping the space surrounding our Earth for a birth moment.

Children & Parenting Astrology

A natal chart is simply a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of birth — a cosmic portrait. We know that all things are in motion. Not only do the planets move slowly at different speeds in great elongated orbits around the Sun, but the Earth itself turns on its axis once in 24 hours. As the Earth turns during a day, each one of us is exposed to the entire degrees of the zodiac. The natal chart is a diagram or picture that stops the cosmic clock and captures the universe as it exists at a particular moment. It is said that something that is born in time takes on the qualities of that specific moment.

Astrology is a map of karma, positive and negative, that will unfold in cycles of time. The seeds of the future are always sown in the present, but can we read them? This is what the study of astrology is all about: reading the signs of the times and listening to what they have to say about ourselves, now and in the future.

Astrology, then, is prophecy. Yet we know that prophecy can be altered, changed, or mitigated through free will, right or wrong decisions, prayers, and self-awareness. The Sun sign interpretations that we find in most newspapers are a far cry from the work of professional astrologers.

The sign the Sun was in on the day of your birth for example Aries, Taurus, or Gemini is only one of many factors that professionals look at. In addition to the day and year of birth, most professionals use the time and place of birth as well. Birth date, year, time, and place are all needed to pinpoint your place in time and space. Given this information, an astrologer creates what is called a natal or birth chart sometimes called a horoscope. These planets are then placed in a circular diagram called a chart wheel.

This wheel is a miniature diagram of what the sky looked like at the moment of birth as seen from the birthplace. The very top of the chart, or MC Medium Coeli or Midheaven , is that part of the zodiac directly overhead, while the bottom of the chart, or IC Imum Coeli, or lower heaven , is the part beneath your feet and on the other side of the Earth from you.

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At the extreme left-hand side of the wheel is the Ascendant, or rising sign — the part of the zodiac that is on the horizon or rising at the birth moment. The Descendant is on the right-hand side of the chart. This is the part of the zodiac that is setting. These four points — the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and IC — are very important to astrologers.