Reclaim My Place

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You think you can't relate? You'll never ever find. You think you feel my hate? Look at me and you will find My fate you always raped?

Reclaim My Place

I will always be the son. You want to fuck with me? Come on, fucking play! You can feel it now or be stoned! Yes, you feel it come, right now!

Reclaim My Place lyrics

You can feel it now or be stoned Yes, you feel it come, right now! You can feel it now or be stoned Yes, you feel it come, bow down! Bow down! So, what the fuck? Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. Reclaim my place Say it to my face. Radio digitale. You can feel it now or be stoned Yes, you feel it come, right now! You can feel it now or be stoned Yes, you feel it come, bow down!

9. Reclaim My Place

Bow down! Reclaim My Place song meanings. Add your thoughts 22 Comments.

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. Harry Manback. General Comment I think it's about how everyone used to call him a freak untill he got into the band. Now he's loved by so many fans who all think he's cool. General Comment ilikepork is right.

Reclaim My Place Lyrics

General Comment this is a pretty crappy song,by numbers like everything else KoRn have done. The quiet riff right at the end is good. The best way to hear it is to put justin on And wind backwards into the last 10 seconds of reclaim my place. General Comment don't diss koRn man, you have no idea what they go through for their fans, fuck you if you think any songs isn't good, it takes guts and hell of some talent and work to be where they are, and jon is a lyric god, so don't diss my idol.

General Comment Umm Are you all deaf? Its about how no one EVER liked him until he became famous. Jon is indeed a lyrical god, b0ttld, but these people arent smart enough to realize the depth of this song And I truly hope you all know the lyrics, are once again wrong.

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The band did pick on him, before he was in the band. Freak off his leash. General Comment Babait, you suck. Why waste time bashing a song on a lyrical message board? Please don't do that. If you don't like it, yeah voice your opinion, but don't make a bodily reference, that's just gay.

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Go listen to journey you tool. NE way good song. Serious anthem to the 'geeks' in high school that become somebody and can rub their happiness in peoples face. General Comment ok, this song is the shit, its about joining outhers like you so someone will have your back.

Korn - Reclaim My Place Lyrics

KoRn is the shit, i dont care wut anyone says, korn fucken rocks. Rate These Lyrics.

Korn- Reclaim My Place

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