Tante Mathilde (French Edition)

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Studies in Medieval History , 7, , p. Rex Willelmus I] benigniter annuente, cuius hereditas erat, sed et comitissa A delissa de Albemarla concedente, eo videlicet pacto ipsa teneret in vita sua, post obitum vero suum ad victum sanctimonialium sancta possideret ecclesia. On peut noter, avec P.

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Richard Howlett , p. Giles , p.

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Pour une histoire anglaise, voir English , , p. She opposed capital punishment and her feminism was characterized as "undeniable and contradictory". Peyrebrune's nom de plume started with "Georges", after George Sand because Peyrebrune held her work in high regard.

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The writers Camille Delaville and Rachilde were her friends. Johnston de Peyrebrune"; it was an unhappy marriage and there were no children. She died in poverty and oblivion in Paris in Biography Lists. Biography Born in Pierrebrune, a hamlet of Sainte-Orse, Dordogne in , she transformed "Pierrebrune" to "Peyrebrune", making it her family name.

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Selected works Contes en l'air. L'Apollon pythien. Tante Berthe.

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