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In that case, I suggest that, other than listening to English, you also read in English to quickly learn words and phrases commonly used in conversations. Start small. I said earlier that you must listen to English a lot. At this stage, you goal is NOT to improve your listening.

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Once the habit is formed, improving your listening will be easier. Just make sure that you do it almost every day. Just relax, and promise yourself that you will listen to some English the next day. However, as time passed, it became more and more difficult for me to notice any improvement. But be careful. So, you should avoid this kind of listening material. Example: a talk by a native speaker who speaks slowly and clearly.

The reason intermediate students have trouble improving is that they only listen to this kind of material. Want to know why beginners improve fast? When you expose yourself to challenging stuff, you improve quickly. If you disagree with some of the points I made, feel free to ignore them.

If you think some of my advice is too difficult to follow, feel free to disregard the advice.

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For example: I suggested that you should listen to both American and British English. But if you feel bored when you listen to new topics, and doing so discourage you from listening to English, then please ignore that advice. Treat my advice as a guideline, not a rule. Want to improve your spoken English? If yes, enter your email address to get my English speaking course:. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.

Start by visiting their blog for the latest content or grab your free copy of Copywriting — How to Craft Compelling Copy. Created by our friends Walter Akolo and Spike Wyatt, PenStars bridges the gap between your content and your clients to make sure everything you write is flawless.

5 things to practice every day to improve your English communication skills

From 1. Their service is fast and professional. This entire guide was professionally assessed by the team at PenStars and we can give them nothing other than five stars for service and quality. Your freelance writing success hinges on your ability to write well.

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  • This guide has covered a lot, from writing for yourself, following a writing process and hiring an editor to reading, learning from the best, and taking advantage of online resources. A great article Nick.

    How to learn English fast and easy: a step-by-step guide to better language skills

    These tools are very useful especially for those who want to write for a living. I want to learn how to write business writing, but I struggle in writing even small paragraph. I could not start because I sad to myself I cannot do it. I hate reading that why I could not write effectively and correctly.

    1. Why learn English through literature?

    This article encouraged me to write today and write my comment for the first time. Thank you. Thanks for your comment. We all start somewhere, so just get started.

    This is an online course in itself! If your English is currently good enough e.

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    Hi Nick I was thinking of becoming a freelancer and I had no idea on where to begin. This post has opened my eyes to the many opportunities freelancing has. I always want to be a freelancer but I find it hard choosing the topic to begin.. Thanks for commenting. Hi Nick. I rarely comment. Awesomely written article as it is a guide to improve English writing skills. These tips are helpful because once you are on the track you can learn core values of implying the language successfully.

    Many dissertation services are helping students to cope up with their projects and assignments. Great article. Very informative especially on writing tips. I am trying to improve on my writing skills and I am sure all this info will assist me. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

    The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Your English Writing Skills

    And yes, use it to improve and refine your craft. Highly resourceful article. Thank you, Nick.

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    Your email address will not be published. Join a Growing Community. But the question is: How can you improve your English writing skills? The answers kept coming… All that advice can be overwhelming: Where do you start? Write for Yourself I have a friend who writes a column for a national newspaper in South Africa. Focus on Small Writing Tasks I always write with the aim of improving something. With that in mind, here are some writing tasks and tips to focus on: 1. Inject Personality Into Your Writing Your personality makes your writing unique, helps build a connection with your readers and increases engagement.

    Create Writing Habits That Stick Building the right habits will improve your English writing skills and help you produce content quicker. Follow a Writing Process Following a process gives you focus, direction, and the creative freedom to write. Pick Your Subject and Conduct Research Research equips you with the ammunition you need to write a strong article.

    Your Writing Outline Your outline is your plan. Write Your First Draft Only write. Revise Your First Draft Return to your draft and check the flow, grammar and spelling. Better yet, hire an editor. Negotiating Rates You can negotiate rates with your editor in the same way you negotiate with your freelance writing clients. Read, Read, and Read.