Trio in C Major Op. 3, No. 2 (Violin 1 or Flute Part)

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Hear the soundbites. A lovely little gem. Volksliedchen for String Quartet, Op. Makes a fine encore. Janusz de Kopczynski circa An appealing work. Alexander Kopylov Appealing melodies, fine part-writing, no technical difficulties. Erich Wolfgang Korngold Piano Trio, Op. A late romantic work influenced by R. Strauss Erich Wolfgang Korngold String Sextet in D Major, Op.

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One of the very finest sextets in the literature. Wanderstimmungen for String Trio 5 character pieces recording a traveler's impressions and moods.

In the German wanderer's tradition of Schumann Mikhail Kourbanov Souvenir d'Alexandre Borodin for String Quartet A lovely elegiac tribute to Borodin, beautiful written for all voices, quotes famous melody from Prince Igor Leopold Kozeluch Leopold Kozeluch A typical example of Viennese classicism by a composer other than Haydn or Mozart. Makes a good substitute. Good choice for Haydn replacement. Joseph Martin Kraus Program alternative to Haydn Stephan Krehl String Quartet in A Major, Op.

Deserves concert performance but can also be recommended for amateur players Stephan Krehl Clarinet Quintet in A Major, Op. Written for the same clarinetist that Brahms wrote his for.

Milhaud Piano Trio

A real masterwork. Alexander Krein Very emotive and fine works. Makes a good short recital piece or substantial encore. Fritz Kreisler String Quartet in a minor A masterwork. A tribute to his native Vienna, which though tonally modern, looks backward fondly to the past Conradin Kreutzer Piano Quartet in e minor Forceful and full of energy, yet lyrical with appealing melodies. Harking back to early Beethoven.

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Full of appealing melodies. Conradin Kreutzer Resembles the approacher of Weber. Liebesbilder for Viola and Piano, Op.

Franz Krommer Quartet No. Fetching, toe-tapping melodies. Good for the concert hall or for home. Appealing melodies and good part writing. Flute Quintet No. Wind Octet No. Top notch. String Trio in F Major, Op. Hard to understand how it disappeared.

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Still from his early period and following the Mannheim pattern. String Quartet in F Major, Op. Programmed throughout the 19th century.

String Quartet in C Major, Op. The 1st of a set that made him as famous as Haydn during his lifetime.

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String Quartet in e minor, Op. Good for home or concert. The 3rd of a set of three, the writing for cello is particularly generous for the time. Good to hear, fun to play. Fresh, perky melodies. String Quartet in B flat Major, Op. String Quartet in G Major, Op. These are very appealing. String Quartet in D Major, Op. String Quartet in E falt Major, Op. Good for concert or home. Quite original and a good choice for a fresh work from the Vienna classical period. A straight forward, Haydnesque work but with many clever ideas Haydn would never have thought of.

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String Quartet in A flat Major, Op. String Quartet in a minor, Op. String Quintet No. Fetching melodies, original touches, good part-writing, an excellent work. In five movements, powerful for a classical era work almost orchestral. Not to be missed by either amateurs or pros. Full of tuneful melodies and original ideas. A work that is sure to please at home or in concert. A fine work. Good for concert performance or home. Arnold Krug Ivan Krzhanovsky Cello Sonata in g minor, Op. Lyrical, dramatic, extremely well-written for cello. Carl Matthias Kudelski String Trio in G Major, Op.

A real showcase for the clarinet. With fetching themes, the composer also gives the cello a telling part. Here the cello is also often given generous chances to shine. Full of lovely melodies and fresh ideas.