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She also provides consultations on manuscripts, mentorships, editing, marketing, and more. Here you can find articles, free resources, workbooks, tutorials, and discussions on writing. Kristine Kieffer has an extensive archive as well, where you can find information on just about any topic related to books and writing.

Here you can also find motivation, tips, and information on both fiction and nonfiction writing. As suggested by the name, every post on this site focuses on putting theory into practice! One of the most comprehensive sites when it comes to writing — after all, the magazine has been around for more than ninety years!

Writer Unboxed features articles by authors and industry professionals, focused specifically on the business and craft of writing fiction. This is a community of people that want to help each other become better writers. This is an all-inclusive community for writers. It also includes writing tools, contests, and rewards.

This is a database that allows authors to search for literary agents.

Besides being a bestselling author, Joanna Penn is a leading voice in self-publishing. This website is all about publishing. This is a weekly magazine packed full of news, reviews, announcements, and many other resources on the industry. This is one of the leading sources of information on the publishing industry. Aimed at publishers, agents, and authors alike, it features a variety of articles that cover book fairs, distribution, education, and much more.

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If you are not sure about your query letter, this blog offers the opportunity to have your query critiqued so you can get the best results for your book. This site lists and compiles information on scams that might affect authors. Their website also has tips, writing contests, and other subscriber-only services. This website aims to provide a place where writers can promote their work, learn about the industry, and network with fellow authors.

Publishing websites you should know about ampublishing Click To Tweet. Authors need social media presence, but for many that is easier said than done. Through this website, consultant, and book blogger Barb Drozdowich tutors authors on what they need to build a successful social platform. In his blog, you can find plenty of information on marketing and self-publishing, as well as workshops aimed at helping writers get published.

Focusing specifically on marketing, Kikolani offers tips and strategies for bloggers. Storiad is a platform that helps authors and publishers sell books. They also offer editorial services and events on a variety of topics, like genre-specific writing courses and learning how to get connected with agents. As the name suggest, this site is dedicated to building your writer platform. There are tips, resources, tools, how-tos, and even one-on-one consulting services to help you build the platform that works best for you and your book-selling needs.

Learn about marketing and design with these great writing websites ampublishing Click To Tweet. As a best-selling author, Jeff Goins created this blog to share his thoughts and tips on writing and to inspire others to chase after their creative dreams. With abundant experience in the publishing industry and general business strategy, Jane Friedman offers online classes and articles on the process of book publishing. As a literary agent, Janet Reid offers her advice on mistakes and pitfalls that all writers should avoid when querying. Rick Dearman. Cathia Jenainati. Mayowa Ajisafe.

Strong Female Characters. Marcy Kennedy.

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Patti Roberts. The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home. Michele Powell. Ric Thompson. How to Write a Novel. Graham Allcott. Free download. Anil Pant. Lisa Townsend.

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Introducing Practical Guides. Clair Pollard. Bryan Cohen. Alex Nkenchor Uwajeh. Kindle Fire Owner's Manual: The ultimate Kindle Fire guide to getting started, advanced user tips, and finding unlimited free books, videos and apps on Amazon and beyond. Steve Weber. Extreme Ketosis Version. Trent Black. Each time you refresh the page, it generates a realistic portrait of someone who does not exist using AI.

Find visual inspiration for a character fast. This character development worksheet by Janalyn Voigt has some good prompts to brainstorm characters. Example of a character profile made in the Now Novel dashboard Researching Agents and Writing Queries and Synopses Query Shark offers contributors the opportunity to have their novel queries critiqued. Evil Editor breaks down synopses and explains pitfalls writers should avoid. Agent Query is a free searchable database of literary agents. It not only allows you to search by genre, but also includes information such as agent interests and whether they are currently accepting new clients.

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  • Janet Reid, Literary Agent writes another excellent blog. Crime fiction is her specialty, but many of her posts concern all types of fiction. NY Book Editors have an excellent blog — the linked article on writing query letters gives plenty of good tips as well as helpful examples of strong openings and more. Publishing and the business of writing Publishers Weekly is a great resource on all things to do with publishing, with a lot of free material on its site and free e-newsletters. Publishers Marketplace keeps track of publishing deals, and also has listings where authors and agents can offer rights for adapting original stories for film and other media.


    Jane Friedman focuses on digital changes in publishing and how authors can navigate them. Publishing Perspectives takes a global approach, featuring the latest news relating to publishing from around the world. The Burry Man Writers Center has a helpful uber-list of markets for writers, such as literary and online magazines accepting submissions. Subjects include self-publishing, legal issues pertaining to publishing and more.

    Although some content is locked for non-premium members, there are many free-to-access guides too. Editor and Agent Blogs Nathan Bransford is an author and former literary agent who has one of the best sites on the web about writing and publishing. Agent in the Middle is a blog by agent Lori Perkins. Bent on Books includes posts from all agents at the Jenny Bent Agency. Her blog contains helpful writing tips on a range of topics.

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    Self-Publishing Kindle Direct Publishing Kindle Direct Publishing is the go-to website for writers who want to get their work to their market fast. Konrath; he is considered one of the leading voices in self-publishing. The Book Designer offers excellent advice for the self-publisher. The Independent Publisher Magazine takes a global perspective on self-publishing, including articles on legal aspects of self-publishing and more.

    Self-publishing School offers articles on self-publishing by writer Chandler Bolt, as well as services for writers interested in self-publishing their work. BookBaby offers a range of self-publishing services for authors, and also has a blog discussing topics relevant to self-publishing writers, such as using Patreon as an indie author.

    Writing Prompts are the prompts that a teacher uses in class, and here, he shares them with readers. Procrastinating Writers is for writers who struggle with blocks and motivation. Dani Shapiro is an author who muses on her blog about the challenges and epiphanies of the writing life. Great Writers Inspire is primarily designed as a resource for students and teachers. It may also be of interest to novelists wishing to ground themselves in some of the great works of literature. Theodora Goss is a fantasy writer who blogs about her inspirations and how to balance writing with the other demands of life.

    Positive Writer focuses on self-doubt and confidence-building for writers. Inspired by Life and Fiction brings together ten novelists who write about the things that stir their imaginations. The Writers Alley features writers from around the world offering inspiration with a Christian slant. The Procrastiwriter gives advice on how to avoid procrastination and fit writing into a busy life. Advice to Writers inspires via a quote of the day from famous writers. Encyclopedia Mythica is an online encyclopedia of myth, folklore and religion that can be a wonderful resource for story ideas in all genres.

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    Writers Plot Idea Generator also has exercise prompts, character profile generators, plot twist generators, first lines and more. Nonsense Generator is a very simple tool for creating bizarre sentences that can spark ideas. Thinkwritten also offers this vast selection of writing prompts.