Where Have All the Bullets Gone? (Milligan Memoirs Book 5)

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Spike Milligan's War Memoirs

Milligan was going to send them home to the soldier's mother. A Catholic priest visited us this evening and asked if anyone wanted Confession and Holy Communion. I nearly went but since the war started, my belief in a God had suffered a reverse. I couldn't equate all the killing by two sides, both of whom claimed to be a Christian society. I was, as Gary Cooper would says 'kinda mixed up inside'. On December 5, the men are billeted in a four-story Victorian Gothic farmhouse, including utility buildings.

They clean vigorously, including a yard so heavily covered with manure that when they uncover the cobblestone, the farmer who had lived there since a boy says he didn't know it existed. During the night, rain fills the courtyard with manure again. Before Christmas the men organize a show, however lack of facilities reduce it to nudity, instead of the more rarefied skits and music — in spite of Italian farmers and their wives being invited. The whole place has architectural maturity: there are numerous creepers and vines growing in profusion on the walls and balconies.

In summer it must be a riot of flowers, right now it's a riot of gunners, there is a scramble as we dash for the best beds if any Of the many complaints Milligan and the men have about their Major Jenkins, are his poor musical abilities, lack of humour and not keeping the men notified about orders. In the end of the book, an observation post is in a "dodgy" situation and Jenkins has sent up everyone for duty there, except himself. Milligan is sent up but doesn't come back under his own power, after being hit by a mortar bomb:. We hit the deck. A rain of them fall around us.

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I cling to the ground. The mortars rain down on us. Spike Milligan's legendary war memoirs are a hilarious and subversive first-hand account of the Second World War, as well as a fascinating portrait of the formative years of this towering comic genius, most famous as writer and star of The Goon Show. They have sold over 4.

I think I can get you out on Mental Grounds. First, there is important preparation to be done: extensive periods of loitering 'We had been standing by vehicles for an hour and nothing had happened, but it happened frequently' , psychological toughening 'If a man dies when you hang him, keep hanging him until he gets used to it' and living dangerously 'no underwear!

At last the battle for Tunis is upon them Spike Milligan was one of the greatest and most influential comedians of the twentieth century. At the end of the war, he forged a career as a jazz musician, sketch-show writer and performer, before joining forces with Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe to form the legendary Goon Show. Until his death in , he had success as on stage and screen and as the author of over eighty books of fiction, memoir, poetry, plays, cartoons and children's stories.

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Scalloped Square Memory Book - Part 5

These books are fun and poignant, but too expensive. Very sad to me because these volumes are so good.

Vertaal recensie in het Nederlands. You have to start with "Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall" to make the most of this book but it stands well in its own right. Spike put more reflection into this book as this is the account of when he entered battle with the enemy. Friends died, adventures were had and they lived as best they could. Spike's humor comes through well but this is also a great look into the everyday life of the soldiers in the British Army early in the war.

The drawings are rough but evocative, with the intensity of the times showing through. His sense of humour is brilliant in my opinion.

Where Have All the Bullets Gone? (War (and Peace) Memoirs) by Spike Milligan

A fantastic read, funny and insightful. Een iemand vond dit nuttig. Laughed out loud.

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